Prepare like a scout.

The preparation phase of Plan Prepare Home is where a lot of the magic happens. Bringing together the excitement and motivation from deciding to buy a home with the necessary knowledge and detailed support you'll receive from our team, this is where you start to calm your nerves and learn the process.

Don't RUSH!

Many lenders will quickly take a call from you and immediately start asking you to run your credit report. Are they taking YOUR interests into consideration? Are they stopping and asking you the right questions? You'll know you're in the right hands when the right questions are asked. Most of the pressure new home buyers feel comes from prospective realtors rushing them into looking into homes before they're ready.

How to get ready:

Everyone will need a different amount of time to prepare to purchase a home. Sometimes you start from nothing and other times there are years of antiquated information to dissect and re-evaluate to change your understanding of the market TODAY. Just like learning any new skill, the first step is to understand the fundamentals.

But what if the team you've chosen to represent you isn't allowing you to take the necessary time to understand those fundamentals? Often, it unfortunately leads to big let-downs during the buying process, or an overwhelming feeling of anxiety about the unknowns.

How you understand the process will ultimately determine how well you're able to make confident decisions. Let's make sure your trusted team is educating you on the process constantly to set you up for some confident decision making in the 'Home' phase!

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