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#1 - Plan

First, we'll find out what your immediate goals are

Aligning with your goals is what we do differently than most other mortgage companies. The classic model of "walk in, apply, and hope for an approval" is no longer good enough. We take time with you to go over the entire process, not just getting a mortgage. Read more on our PLAN process below

#2 - Prepare

Next, we'll help you map out your strategy

Good strategies will vary from person to person. Building yours takes analysis, qualification, trust, and due diligence. Things like working closely with your realtor to set your offers apart from the rest with our Home Buyer Guarantee program, and looking closely at the diversity any usage of your credit cards to get you a better interest rate are two examples of what this step is about. Ultimately after this step you'll have a pre-approval in hand, backed with the confidence you need to make good decisions.

#3 - home

Finally, we'll execute the plan, Together.

You've executed the plan and have an accepted offer. Now it's time to cruise through the contract phase, all with our team closely by your side. Normally your realtor is the only one helping you at this point, but we feel that our clients deserve our support no matter what. Let us free up your doubts on the mortgage process while you focus on the decisions you need to make for your purchase. Then, reap your reward and get the keys handed to you. There's no better feeling for us than knowing our clients got the home they deserve.

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