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Redefine the "Pre-Approval"

"Not all pre-approvals are created equal"

Challenges Buyers Face:

  • "Is my pre-approval legitimate?"

  • "There's too much to decide on!"

  • "The process is overwhelming!"

Service Levels:

Most online lenders or other mortgage are absent when you need them the most.

Knowledge is Power:

How can you make an informed decision when you don't know what to expect?

What we do?

#1 - Team Building:

Our mantra: "You need to build a team you can trust to work for YOU". What happens when the professionals you choose aren't sure if you're working with someone else? Making your journey a team effort takes trust on both sides. We encourage you to build that team and trust to support you throughout the process.

#2 - Education:

Confidence is only achieved when you understand what you're doing. Knowing the WHY behind your decisions allows you to stand by them. This help you negotiate, make better decisions, and trust your gut. We take time to provide the necessary education all of our clients need.

#2 - Strategy:

Part of having a vision and coming off your plan is creating a strategy to see it through. This goes hand-in-hand with education and coming off your goal-setting meeting. Every client we work with has a clear strategy.

#3 - Qualification:

Finally, in the Prepare stage, you finish with something MORE than a pre-approval. You come out with our Home Buyer Guarantee. Your loan is already approved by an underwriter and there is no need for a loan contingency on a new offer.

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