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"One of my favorite stories in history is the story of Archimedes's "Eureka Moment" -The moment he realized that after given the unprecedented task of proving if King Hieron II of Syracuse's new gold crown was really pure or not, that he could actually prove that it was not in-fact pure gold. Using the fundamentals of science in a new and creative way, he pioneered the future of technology. Misinformation about wealth and value today is no less prevalent than it was 2,250 years ago. My goal with Plan Prepare Home is to use the tools we already have in front of us in a new and creative way to bring more truth and value to our clients through the fundamentals of economics."

Kyle Palaniuk


I was born in a small town on the coast of Oregon, called "North Bend". Growing up in a small town taught me how to understand the value of community and trusting those around you who support you. As a youngster I always had an ear for music and loved playing sports, but also identified as someone who saw things just a little differently than many of those around me.

Not knowing what I wanted to settle on as a career, post high-school I attended a small liberal-arts university called Pacific Lutheran University. From there I started to get more familiar with the true size of the world. I met people from all different backgrounds, ate new foods, traveled the work, and was drawn toward the study of Economics where I later finished my degree in International Economic Analysis. 

Being the young explorer that I was, at this point I still wasn't able to choose a definite path for myself after graduation, but I did finally realize that the relationship I had with my girlfriend at the time was something I never wanted to live without. So I proposed to my now wife, Paige. We traveled the world together, patching together sprints of exploration, adventure, fun, and after teaching English in Korea for two years we learned how to see the world in a whole new way.

Denying ourselves of the tempting trap of continuing to frolick through life with no long-term plans, we decided to move back to the US and settled in sunny Southern California. After landing a 'foot-in-the-door' job with a large bank in a commercial lending opportunity, I quickly found myself at odds with the fact that I was going to either end up on a path I wasn't comfortable with, or to use what I learned to create something new.

In January of 2019, I started Plan Prepare Home. It was already mature in nature by practice over the preceeding several years in loan origination, but it was finally able to grow and become what it is today after joining C2 Financial and opening our branch.

Since then, PPH has helped hundreds of families buy and refinance their homes in a way that challenges the traditional approach. By choosing Plan Prepare Home, you're choosing a loan origination platform that fully extracts the best of the options available at your disposal. We are your fiduciaries, and we are aligned with your goals. We look forward to working with you in the future!





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