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With big changes IN the market come big changes WITHIN the market. 

In the last 2 years independent mortgage brokers have increasingly delivered better rates and experience to consumers.  That's why we've chosen to join C2 Financial Corp. as a funding platform to serve our clients -  the top independent mortgage broker in the country according to Mortgage Executive Magazine for 2018.

Get answers to some common questions below! 

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  • Are you working in the same office?
    Yes! We're still working at our very convenient location in the heart of North Park, San Diego at: 3919 30th St. San Diego, CA 92104
  • What exactly is "Plan Prepare Home"?"
    Plan Prepare Home is a home buying philosophy founded by Kyle Palaniuk in 2017. It's a natural solution to challenges new home buyers face. After years of helping new home buyers we realized that the biggest barrier of entry for new buyers was not actually the ability to get pre-approved, but rather the mental block and fear people tend to have about exploring the process. We quickly changed our focus on spreading the message of education and empowerment to our future clients and decided to spend most of our time up front with new buyers educating them on the process, keeping a holistic approach, and empowering them to keep in mind that they're in the driver's seat. Our role is to be here for guidance and support. We believe that with knowledge comes confidence, and with confidence comes good decisions made quickly, and with that comes success.
  • Are you still working on the same team?
    Yes! We're proud to still be working together with the same fine individuals as before: Kyle Palaniuk, Jim Sakrison and Matt Chao.
  • Why the change?
    With a changing environment in the mortgage industry we have decided to position ourselves ahead of the curve. By working directly with wholesale lenders we can now offer the same great experience to the families we work with, but deliver overall better rates and terms, a wider array of products, and more lenders to choose from when finding the perfect mortgage!
  • Will this change affect my current loan in progress?
    No. If you're currently in the middle of a transaction nothing will change.
  • What's the difference between being a mortgage banker and a mortgage broker?
    Mortgage bankers work specifically with one mortgage lender, and often are correspondent lenders for other lenders. The mortgage bank makes the loan directly and then sells the loan immediately to the investor. Mortgage brokers are able to access more lenders to compete over your loan, often offering lower interest rates, but the loan is originally funded by the investor, with the help of the broker to ensure the process happens smoothly. Here's a cool little article about Mortgage Brokers on a quick google search. It's based out of the UK, but heck! it's a pretty good article.. but rest assured we don't charge an origination fee like most brokers!
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