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Plan your Future

Plan... It’s THE most important step in becoming a homeowner. Sometimes I have to take a step back when people ask me what I do, and I think about all that is involved with my work. Sometimes I think it’s the nerdy numbers, or the time when I get to watch my clients get the keys to their first home... But after a good amount of thought I remember all the looks on their faces when the thought of becoming a homeowner turns from fiction into reality in it’s purest form.

We are entering a new era of real estate. Instead of being something that separates the middle class from the rest, it’s becoming more of a necessity. In the not-so-distant future real estate ownership will be more a necessity to those wishing to carry on long and fruitful lives... lives that come with meaningful wealth to pass on to our kin. . . You might say, “Kyle, this is not a new concept!” To which I would respond, “Yes! You are correct!” This is not a new concept, but in the last decade there has been (albeit a declining mentality) a mentality of skepticism in real estate investments within our younger generation. . . Why?? Because we’re confused! We don’t know what is safe and what isn’t! Jobs, careers, livelihoods, van-life, tiny homes, financial independence! Live debt free! These thoughts are in our heads and where does paying a mortgage fit in?? . . It’s time for us to start thinking critically, not just about what real estate has been, but what role it will play in our ever-so-important future. It won’t be for everyone, but for most of us homeownership is going to play a leading role in our lives. So I ask you all out there to “PLAN”. I plant a seed in your mind to look into learning about what homeownership can do for you, and if it’s something you’d like to explore. . . Trust me, once you walk through that door you’re going to find that it’s easier to get started than you might think. Why? Because it’s FUN! I’ll never forget the first time I looked at our home and thought to myself, “Wow! This is OURS!” . . I want to help you start this process, prepare for it, and execute it. Let’s plan your journey together


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